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The weather's changing. Are you?

Is the weather affecting business? How will you respond to more frequent and intense weather events in the future?

Smart business owners are preparing their businesses to withstand anything the climate can throw at them and spotting profitable ways in which they can react to changing weather.

This toolkit is designed to help you, as a tourism business, prepare for the effects of weather and climate variability. It helps you determine how flooding, heatwave, drought, and coastal change could affect your business and suggests practical actions that you can take to reduce the risk or take advantage of the opportunities.

The checklist lets you record your progress quickly in adapting your business and provides you with a personalised action plan complete with signposts to further information and support.

Weather warnings

Weather warnings generated by the Met Office Weather Widget

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Changing Climate, Changing Business (6 minutes)


The checklist guides you through a series of questions to help you assess your business’ preparedness and identify practical actions you can take. Go to Checklist

Top Tips

The most important things you can do to climate-proof your tourism business. Go to Top Tips

Case Studies

Forward-thinking businesses are already preparing for climate change. To find out how, read our case studies

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This tool has been developed by:
A Partnership of the Public, Private, and Voluntary Sectors.